APR. 30, 2018 6 min read

Pax Lloyd-Burchett

Hi, I’m Pax Lloyd-Burchett, I use he/him/his pronouns, and I’m running for senate. Were I to be elected, my primary goal would be establishing an intuitive way for the student body to engage with senate, and to keep abreast of the issues currently being discussed. I think senate is exceedingly difficult for the average student to engage with. Finding the minutes of each meeting, keeping up with the issues, and finding the time to attend senate meetings scheduled at inconvenient times is difficult. Senate has a lot of jobs, but every senator has specific issues they are very passionate about. For me, that is ensuring that the student body is aware of how to access the most current issues senate is addressing. Reed is a tremendous place, and part of what makes it so great is the amount of power that students have. I think understanding that power, and how to use the resources surrounding it, can make this school a better place. The more people that engage, vote, and understand the issues senate deals with, the better campus politics will become. If you want a senator who is dedicated to ensuring the populace is easily kept up to date please consider voting for me in the upcoming election. If you are interested to hear more from me, come to the election assembly, or send me an email at lloydppa@reed.edu.

Gabe Wilkie-Rogers

Hi, my name is Gabe Wilkie-Rogers, I use he/him/his pronouns, I can’t abide the pronunciation of the word sorbet, and I’m writing this to endorse my own candidacy for senate. Friends, do you ever worry about what effect student government is having on the school? Does the thought of senate members chasing after you yelling “Get the hell out of here, Harold” keep you up at night? Well, my compatriots, I am the answer to the riddle of your problems. You can be assured that when I serve as your representative, I will not have the physical speed to catch you, Harold, and I will not hold the same grudge the other senators do. I, unlike some of those running against me, believe that we should not let ourselves fall into moral disarray, that we should hold ourselves to a standard of truth, justice, and the American way. Specifically, I intend to institute martial law. All shall bow before the glory of The Senate. Any queries about this policy can be directed either to me, at wilkierg@reed.edu, or to my press secretary at krogerj@reed.edu.

Misha Lerner

My name is Misha Lerner, and I am running for senate. As of now, I am around two clouts. I would like to increase that to five whole clouts thank you very much. As a senator, with your help, I may be able to do this. As senator, I will make Reed catch up and overpass Lewis and Clark. One day, we may be the better school. Additionally, Reed produces no grain. I will increase grain production 500 kilograms over the five year plan. Comrades, do you not hear the roar of the tractor over the hill coming to save the wheat harvest. 2018 will be the year of mechanized agriculture for our happy friendship of the Reed people!

Rollo Brandon

Hello student body senate, I am Rollo Brandon. So, the reason I will be running is for student senate is to expand radical voices on campus. When I say radical I mean radically compassionate. I think that no matter what gets done, it will never be done properly unless we can put ourselves in the shoes others. Being a minority on Reed’s campus, I all too well know the importance of this. From my own experiences, I have learned to be a good listener, receptive, and work well with others. Being here at Reed I have learned the importance of community to be much more effective for enacting real change and I plan to be a catalyst for this kind of community building.

Isabel Hoff

I would like to run for senate so that I can use the power of our organized student government to help change Reed in ways our student body finds necessary. I am personally interested in bringing an Arabic language faculty member to campus so that Reed can finally start offering Arabic courses on campus. As an inhabitant of the Arabic House, I have found that although many students have expressed interest in taking Arabic courses at Lewis and Clark, the Reed community lacks interest in engaging in Arabic cultural events and that this interest could be inspired through a greater accessibility to Arabic language courses by offering them at Reed taught by Reed faculty. This is an attempt to help Reed combat Eurocentrism, as the most widely taken language courses at Reed are of European origin, and to fight against nationally widespread Arabophobia. By holding a position in senate, I hope to raise my voice and be heard by the Reed administration in order to help instate changes on campus. Besides this one issue about which I am passionate, I intend to listen to the voices of other Reedies with concerns about Reed as an institution and how we as a student body would like to see Reed change. I am a good communicator and have the necessary organizational skills to be a strong liaison between the Reed administration and our student body. I consider myself a compassionate listener, and have the ambition and motivation to help Reedies change our school in the ways we want to see it change.

Keegan Samaniego

Hey everyone! I’m Keegan (they/them/theirs) and I’m running for senate! I really want to become more involved with the Reed community and make positive influence on campus. After a year of being a student, I am really starting to grasp the way campus works. I want to be involved with app com, j-board, and am still really interested in working towards a better dissent policy. I’m a low ses, queer, first gen, mixed student and could bring an interesting perspective to senate and reed policy. I will always advocate for marginalized students and really want them to succeed here at Reed. I love Reed and want to do everything in my power to make it the best it can be. Vote Samaniego for senate! :)

Tania Jaramillo

a concept: reed with more movable chairs and a community actively inclusive to a wider array of it’s students. a candidate: me. im tania and i use they/them pronouns! im a first year student running for senate this semester and i want to make reed the best it can be for U. i love the reed community and i know we can do better.