The Reed College Quest is the independently run student newspaper of Reed College. The first edition of The Quest was printed in 1913. The print edition of The Quest currently publishes every Friday throughout the academic year. Archives of The Quest dating back to 1915 can be accessed on campus in the Quest office. The Reed Library has a full set of Questdating back to 1913. The Quest Editorial Board for the Spring 2014 semester is Tyler Allen, Piper Bazard, Vikram Chan-Herur, Will Jones, Jona Mensch, Michelle Owens, Dan Pogust, Brendan Sorrell. Dan Pogust is our Finance and Advertising Manager. About reedquest.org reedquest.org is the online edition of The Quest. Content from the print edition of The Quest is generally posted online the day before the print edition is published. Comments Policy We (the Quest Editorial Board) hold comments on the Quest website to a certain standard just as we do submissions for publication in the Quest’s print edition. We hold all comments for approval: comments will not appear until a Quest editor has approved them. Comment authors must abide by the Honor Principle, which is rendered inexactly in two passages below: “Two kinds of behavior are considered anti-social and therefore in violation of the honor principle: (1) Conduct which causes embarrassment, discomfort or injury to other individuals or to the community as a whole. (2) Conduct in violation of specific rules that have been developed over the years to meet special conditions in the community.” “The Honor Principle also demands the respectful concern of each person for the other, and the exercise of conscionable judgment in all actions toward individuals and their property. Let it be understood that such integrity, concern, and judgment are not simply matters of an individual’s intentions, but, rather, entail qualities of conduct which are clearly reflected in one’s actions.” Comments that biliously attack an individual’s character are discouraged and almost always deleted. Moderators can see the email addresses listed by and IP addresses of comment authors. If you do not want us to see your email address, do not include it with your comment. We will only share this information if we believe the life or wellbeing of an individual or individuals to be in danger or in other unforeseeable and extreme circumstances. We recognize that we as moderators are in no way exempt from the Honor Principle.