Weekly Photo Theme: Fall Break

Love photography but feeling uninspired? Think you took a shot that other people might enjoy? Whether you have a passion for photography or just want to share a snap shot with the rest of the Reed community, this is your chance. The Reed Photography Theme of the Week is a space that aims to provide ideas that hopefully will inspire Reedies who are otherwise preoccupied with overwhelming obligations to take a break by observing the world and imprinting it in photograph form. A theme will be announced weekly, and select submissions will be shown in the printed version of the Quest; all submissions will also be available as a slideshow in the online version of the Quest.

Missed Connections

You look and dress like a French impressionist painter and always seem like you’re walking through a dream. I totally dig it. If you’re a modern-day Degas, you’re more than welcome to do a nude painting of me 😉

You: Baby in Bidwell. Me: Nanny, looking for work. LET’S DO SOME BUSINESS

You: Slightly underweight, cosmopolitan-looking brunette.

Missed Connections

[#14] Your short blond hair reminds me of the field behind my childhood home before they burned down, changing my life forever. I look forward to buying a black coffee no room from you again next Wednesday night. 🙂

[#15] I heard you talk in bio lab. Those upperclassmen can be so mean. I dig amish chic.

Missed Connections: September 15th

[#5] I’m growing tired of playing games, lover of mine. It’s time for the ironic baseball caps to come off, you sexy piece of Texass. How do you say “cuddlehumps” in Greek?

Missed Connections

1. Tall dude working in Paradox around 4. Akira shirt. Super cute. I liked ur smile.

Be a Part of Reed Arts Week 2011

Reeds Arts Weeks is now accepting applications for Student Arts Coordinator, Design Coordinator, and Public Relations Coordinator. Please submit a resume and cover letter to the RAW coordinators in Student Activities by Friday. September 10. Applicants for Design Coordinators must include a portfolio. Position descriptions are available in the Student Center and the library lobby.

Teach English to day laborers this fall with SEEDS

SEEDS is hiring volunteers for the fall semester to teach English to day laborers! SEEDS partners with the Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project to teach ESL classes at their Worker Center six days a week. This volunteer position requires a commitment to one class per week, which amounts to about 2 hours per week (this is a FWS eligible position.) We are currently looking for teacher assistants and tutors for the Drop-In Writing Lab. Applications are due on Friday, September 10th at 5pm and there is a tentative training scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, September 18th. For questions and to receive applications, please email smithja@nullreed.edu.

Need a Lottery Mac computer to borrow for the year?

To be eligible for a Lottery Mac you must be either a thesising senior or on financial aid. Also, so that we can make these computers available to those most in need, students who already own a working computer are kindly asked not to apply for the lottery. This program is based on the Honor Principle and intended to help those in need. Still interested? You’ll need to complete a Lottery Application Form and turn it into the IRC Help Desk, Computer Hardware Shop (ETC 114) or the Computer Store (ETC 116).

Apply to the Judicial Board

Members of the Board hear and adjudicate cases concerning alleged violations brought by current or former members of the Reed Community. The time and work commitment varies widely throughout the semester and between semesters, and serving on the Judicial Board can result in a significant time commitment. Applicants must have completed at least one year at Reed. Applications are due by 11:59 on Friday, September 10th to Hannah Brannan (MS 101), or to Luke Fidler (MS 322). Interviews will be held on the evening of Wednesday, September 15th, and applicants must additionally be available for formal Judicial Board training throughout the following weekend (September 18th- 19th).

Volunteer with LASER

Want to get outside the bubble? Want to volunteer? Have federal work study (or not)? Like working with kids? Then you should check out LASER!